You Forgot.

    The poem is entitled, “You forgot” because that is exactly what you did.  You forgot my birthday like it never happened.  This is not the first time.  ”I do not exist” are words that have plagued me my whole life.  I never thought I had an origin because I never knew the woman that birthed me.  I never saw the face or the eyes that mirror my own.  I fight the feeling that I am a figment of imagination everyday because I never could imagine a beginning to my life.  My life, my entire being was myth.
    Without knowing the secrets of my blood, I felt more related to the vampire and werewolf legends of our time.  But now I know you.  Now I know you and I still fight the urges to belong to a world of myth.  I know I was born, but I know that there is little of me that is like you.  I like to believe that I share in nothing of your faults.  I would rather lie to myself than share in these darker truths.  But, even in the mix of lies and truths that keep me breathing, you manage to contribute to my insanity by forgetting the day my first breath was taken.
    Perhaps even now you wish you could take back the ‘mistake’ that is me.  You wish you could snuff out my life and start anew again.  You wish you could recall the disease you’ve infected me with.  But this is all too late.
    And you have forgotten again, the day of my first inhale.  You have ignored my life and contribute to the agony that is you, and the agony that is your noted absence.
    Oh, how you can crush me without a word.  The lack thereof destroys and waters bitter roots that I dare not try let grow.
    You wish failure on me by your silence but I will not claim failure over my life.  I claim victory in the blood of Jesus.  I cannot live like a forgotten thing, though that is a part of what I am to you…a bad memory to be suppressed…a bad dream to be erased.

I was never a dream.
I was never a myth.
I am a reality and I fight your constant contributions to my bitterness.